Outfit: Fluffy Rainbow Colors – Cray-McCray Plush Shag Jacket

Autumn is probably the most colorful season of the year. However, when it starts getting colder outside, we tend to wear darker colors like black, brown and grey, which is a pity. That’s why, I’m super happy that this season it’s all about brighter colors- green, yellow, cyclamen and especially red.

The Cray McCray Plush Shag Jacket from Andi Bagus combines all of these bright colors into a fluffy happiness. I’m really obsessed with it, I absolutely love the pretty colors and how flowy it is. Moreover, it’s super soft and fluffy, and it keeps you warm. The Cray- McCray Plush Shag Jacket is made of 100% acrylic; the multicolor strings are attached to an off-white knitted base and it can be tied with a cute pom pom tie. If I have to describe it using one word that would certainly be unique!


I have combined it with a striped shirt and 501 Levi’s jeans for an edgy look. A perfect match for the Shag Jacket are the Dolce & Gabbana Over Sized Round Sunnies in Gold and Multi Jewels.

Screenshot 2017-10-06 12.25.52
Dolce & Gabbana Round Sunglasses in Gold and Multi Jewels



The Cray-McCray Plush Jacket is made in Bali and it costs $ 89,00. You can order yours on http://www.andi-bagus.com or http://www.the-naked-tiger.myshopify.com.

What do yo think about this jacket? Would you wear it?




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