Barfly- Scotch & Soda’s Signature Perfume

Have you ever entered any of the Scotch & Soda shops? If yes, then you have probably noticed that particular alluring scent, which welcomes you upon entering. That is Barfly- Scotch & Soda’s signature fragrance. Barfly is a unique scent with a character, which fits well to the edgy and noticeable character of the Scotch & Soda clothes (*Scotch & Soda is a Dutch clothing brand).


The perfume is unisex, but definitely a bit more on the masculine side. The notes include calone, anise, vanilla, white musk, pepper, cardamom, basil, orange, lemon, lavender, jasmine, cedar, sandalwood. In the beginning, the scent is very warm, but it gets fresh bringing up the lemon, orange and lavender notes. I would describe it as a modern oriental fragrance, which is casual but strong and noticeable.

image2 3

Although it isn’t eau de perfume, but eau de toilette, the longevity of Barfly is quite good. I can still smell it in the end of the long working day. The bottle is also in the typical Scotch & Soda style- simple and retro, yet sophisticated. It’s additionally packed in a beautiful and stylish black box, perfect to give as a present.


If you haven’t smelled Barfly yet, I definitely recommend you to go to one of the Scotch & Soda shops to smell it. I’m sure you will love it ❤

Barfly costs € 39,95- for 50ml and you can buy it here.



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