Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Hallo, beauties! What nail polish colour do you like? Are you a fan of bright colours or you prefer nude shades on your nails, just like me lately. Today, I have Sally Hansen Miracle Gel (in colour 110 Birthday Suit) review to share with you.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a 2 step (Miracle Gel Colour and Miracle Gel Top Coat) no light gel system that is supposed to last up to 14 days on your nails, making them as shiny as the normal lamp-dried gel. Moreover, it can be easily removed with regular nail polish remover, either with or without acetone. It has a huge range of colours (47 colours), so you can definitely find one that suits your taste.



How you should use Miracle Gel: Make sure that your nails are dry and clean before application. Start with applying 2 layers of the Miracle Gel Colour, which you should give 5 minutes to dry. Finish with 1 layer of Miracle Gel Top Coat and your job is done, the natural light should do the rest.  Now, curious to hear my experience with it? Read on…


I was really excited to try the Sally Hanson Miracle Gel after hearing from many beauty bloggers how great this product is. But to be frank, I’ve tried better (gel) nail polishes. What I like about it is that the application itself is smooth and easy, nothing more difficult than application of a regular nail polish. The colour that I have is a very pretty nude shade, which goes well with everything. However, the Miracle Gel doesn’t last very long on my nails, definitely not up to 14 days, not even close to 10. Normally, it stays up to 5 days without chipping, but after 2 days it loses the shine and it cracks in many many small pieces. I work in a lab and I wash and disinfect my hands, with an alcohol based disinfectant, very often which can cause the cracking. But since that doesn’t happen with other nail polishes from the same price range, I find it weird and a bit disappointing. The drying process is very long, it takes more than 1 hour for it to dry completely, at least in my hands.


In my opinion, this no lamp gel nail polish doesn’t perform any better than a regular nail polish. It is quite pricey for the result that you get: together the colour and the top coat cost €23.98. Although, I’m a bit disappointed by the Miracle Gel, I would still buy and try other products of Sally Hansen.

The best no lamp gel nail polish that I’ve tested so far is the Perfect Gel Duo from KIKO Milano. The colours are very rich and the longest it has lasted on my nails is 10 days. It gives very pretty shine to your nails, which lasts till you remove it 😉 Pssssst, it is on sale now and it costs only €5.

So in the end, I would like to mention that this review is based on my personal experience with these products. Keep in mind that everybody has different nail structure, so these products might work better or worse on your nails. It’s definitely worth a try 😉

Have you tried any no lamp gel polish? If yes, what was your experience?



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