On Trend: Pearls

“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls” according to the one and only Coco Chanel. And we can’t agree more this season, as pearls are everywhere to be seen- in the hair as accessories, in skincare products, shoes and clothes are also covered in pearls. But that is great, because pearls can look so different when you put them on and they are never too much!

Pearls are the perfect feminine touch to a more edgy look. Don’t you think? I love the way they look on the straps of the sturdy leather biker boots that I’m wearing. My boots are from Zara, super comfortable and affordable which is the best combination, right?! I’m actually obsessed with them, they are tough yet soft and chic. You can easily style them with jeans and a long teddy coat/vest or pair them with a feminine dress and a leather jacket for some serious edge 😉 .




You can by these extremely trendy biker boots with faux pearls for only € 59.99 from Zara. I guarantee you won’t regret them. Girls, you need these in your wardrobe!




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