Alpha-H Liquid Gold

I discovered Alpha-H Liquid Gold a few months ago after reading many positive reviews and I swear this is the best product I have purchased this year!

Alpha-H Liquid Gold is an exfoliating serum or some sort of a skin resurfacer. It’s designed to rejuvenate and smoothen the texture of all skin types. It aims skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation,  wrinkles, clogged pores, sun damage. The secret of this product is in the combination of 5% glycolic acid and liquorice extract with low pH (required to activate the glycolic acid). This combination boosts the production of elastane, collagen and hyaluronic acid, which improves the hydration of the skin. The glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), which plays a role as a chemical exfoliator to remove the layers of dead cells. In this way the blemished, scarred and acne-prone skin is replaced by newer and smoother skin.


The Liquid Gold works overnight, while we are sleeping, as overnight facial. Awesoooome!  It’s recommended to use this product every other night or less often if your skin is sensitive. Apply it with a dry cotton pad onto cleansed skin and follow it with moisturiser or leave the moisturiser out for more intensive treatment. Don’t forget to apply a moisturiser with an SPF next morning, in order to protect the fresh skin from the damaging effect of the UV.



I’m personally really impressed by this product. It definitely works! I saw results very quickly, after the second or the third application my skin looked healthier and glowy. Now after almost two months of using it, my skin is smoother, radiant and even. I hardly get any spots anymore. My skin suffered heavy breakouts during the last two winters (starting from October till about April), I tried product after product without any particular result. Now, it’s almost December and my skin looks fantastic, thanks to the Liquid Gold. No other product has had better impact on my skin. I swear!

I’m definitely repurchasing this product! It’s not going out of my skin care routine 🙂 and I certainly recommend it! It costs € 39.95 for 100ml, you can get it from

So, if you haven’t tried this product yet, you should definitely do it! It’s worth it.





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