NASA inspired outfit and manicure

Were you one of those kids who dreamed of being an astronaut? I certainly was and I’m still secretly dreaming of going into the space, although the chances of becoming an astronaut are extremely small (if not zero) 🙂

NASA inspired clothes are for me a manifestation of my childhood dream and of my passion. I love my NASA logo t-shirt, which I bought from Target. The quality is just great, the material is so soft and comfy. The only downside is that they don’t ship this t-shirt to Europe 😦 , so you have to find someone to bring it from US. Now they have a white version of the t-shirt, which I want so badly ❤ If you know where I can get it in Europe, please comment below 😉



My NASA passion went beyond my t-shirt 🙂 🙂 🙂 when I went to Bulgaria and got a NASA-insired manicure. I love love love it ❤ I went to the KUKLA Beauty House, where the girls are extremely professional, you can get anything you want on your nails.


Next on my list is this MA-1 VF NASA jacket from Alpha Industries, isn’t this awesome?! Click on the photo for link to shop it. Screenshot 2017-09-09 11.50.05

Are you also a NASA fan? What is your passion/addiction?



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