Spice Up Your Handbag

One of my favourite styling tricks that can instantly transform a simple outfit into a stylish (or even a chic) one, is using a scarf. Scarves are timeless accessories that can be worn and styled in many different ways. And what I find super elegant and classy lately,  is to use a scarf to spice up your handbag. You can simply tie a scarf at one end of the handle/strap of your bag, alternatively wrap it repeatedly around the handle and voila, you have created a new look for your handbag 🙂 Try it out and be creative! Below, I have used a twilly silk scarf from Furla to show you a few rocking styles for your handbag 😉 If you don’t own a twilly scarf, no worries, you can use any other scarf at your possession (as long as it’s not too big) to get creative and style you handbag.

The Classic: wrapping the scarf around the handle 

image3 copy
Handbag- Michael Kors;  Twilly Scarf- Furla; Pants- Zara


The Polished chic: tying the scarf at one end of the handle/strap

image3 2 copy


The Stylish fun: tying the scarf on the flap of the handbag

image1 2 copy

The arm candy: if you are obsessed with bracelets this is definitely a very cool way to update your outfit and to make it unique. I personally love wrapping this twilly scarf around my wrist.

image2 copy

Which style would you choose to spice up your handbag?




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