A Day in Vienna

Vienna’s been on my bucket travel list for a long time. And two weeks ago I finally had the chance to visit it. And guys, it is magnificent ❤ However, I went there for work, so in the first two days of my stay I couldn’t do much and in the end I had just one day to explore- by far not enough as it comes to such a rich of history and intellectual legacy city. Here is how I sped my day there 🙂

I have a sweet tooth, so of course the first thing I wanted to try was a piece of the famous Sachertorte. I went to a very cute pastry shop/café called Demel, situated in the centre at the side of the Imperial Palace. I definitely recommend it, almost everything inside is old and originally kept, I felt like I’m eating a cake in a museum 🙂 It’s a bit touristy, but I liked it. And, ooh I almost forgot to mention that the cake is mmm very delicious, it’s a  chocolate cake with a bit of apricot jam in the middle.


So, having had my coffee and cake, I decided to just walk into the centre and feel the atmosphere of the city. There are so so many things to be seen and experienced in Vienna, it’s incredible. There are also plenty of luxury shops and at every corner a cute gelato shop is welcoming you.

IMG_7920 copy

Walking a bit further from café Demel, you will find yourself facing the breathtaking St. Stephen’s Cathedral. I have no words to describe how magnificent and big it’s. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to climb all 343 stairs and to enjoy the view over Vienna. But, aah well, next time… I’ve decided that I’m definitely going back!

image1 3
A side view of St. Stephen’s Cathedral

The rest of the day I spent in Belvedere Palace. An amazing place, where you can admire the world’s famous Kiss by Gustav Klimt as well as other beautiful oil paintings. If you love art, this is your place. The Palace itself is spectacular and worth seeing!


Another Palace on my list was Schonbrunn Palace, which is probably Vienna’s number one attraction, however for such an architectural masterpiece one has to have a full day in order to properly enjoy it.

Vienna is probably the city with the most Palaces, to me every building looks like one 🙂 In the beginning of my post I mentioned the Imperial Palace (or Hofburg Wien) as well, this is a huge complex hosting a lot of buildings (more than 30 in fact). There is a bit for everyone there: medieval, renaissance and baroque, art, museums, social places. At the end of my day in Vienna, I managed to walk around and see some of the buildings from outside. Everything is huge and gorgeous! At such places, I always like to imagine what it could be if I can go back in time, centuries ago, and observe the daily life for just one day.

image3 2

image2 2

image1 2

If you haven’t been in Vienna yet, you should definitely go, it’s amazing! I’m looking forward to going back and seeing more of this magnificent city!





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