On trend: Minimalist Jewellery

Hello, nice people! Lately, minimalist jewellery has become a huge thing in the fashion world. And all the fashionistas are “covered” in them, layering up simple and delicate necklaces, rings and earrings. Are you also one of those girls crazy about this trend?

Well, I certainly am. What I like about these minimalist pieces of jewellery is that they are simple and clean, but at the same time – statement making. One of the most popular way of wearing minimalist jewellery is by stacking them all together – the more, the better 🙂 Combine one long and one short simple necklace to easily create a layering effect for an eye-catching, trendy look. Don’t be afraid to combine different shapes and lengths, give a personal touch to make your style unique.

I’ve selected some delicate and wearable pieces from the brand ANNA+NINA to show you. ANNA+NINA is a jewellery brand, founded in 2012 and located in Amsterdam. I’m a big fan of the distinct jewellery that they sell. Recently, ANNA+NINA launched a jewellery collection together with Anna Nooshin, which was a great success. The main elements of the collection are: a disc/coin, eternity interlocking rings and a wishbone ❤ I ordered four pieces: one necklace and three earrings.

The necklace is gold-plated and is has a disc/coin hanging on the chain, I like it very much. It’s such a simple piece, but also super classy and elegant. It costs €50 and the same as all jewellery from this collection, it comes in a light pink paper box.


IMG_7521 copy

From the earrings, I chose a gold-plated wishbone hoop earring, a silver disc drop chain earring and a gold-plated eternity drop chain earring. I like to combine them all to create an artsy, girly look 😉 The price of the gold-plated ones is €25 (per piece) and that of the silver one – €20.

IMG_7433 copy

Here is another creative way to wear the chain earrings 🙂

IMG_7510 copy

During the GLAMOUR days, you could get 20% discount on your order from ANNA+NINA, so I immediately got two more earring sets, one gold-plated and the other one-silver.

IMG_7368 copy

IMG_7423 copy

IMG_7379 copy copy

Do you like minimalist jewellery? What do you think about the pieces from ANNA+NINA?



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