Outfit: NNOOSH striped shirt

Hello, ladies! Today, I wanna share with you the love that I have for stripes ❤ Yes, I’m absolutely obsessed with everything that is striped and I have so many pieces of striped clothes. Nevertheless, every time when I enter a shop and I see something striped, it pulls me like a magnet 🙂 The stripes are so pretty and so easy to combine, and they suit everybody.  On top of that, they are always on fashion. You agree with me, don’t you?

My recent striped purchase is the limited edition NNOOSHN shirt, designed by Anna Nooshin-Dutch fashion blogger and online entrepreneur.

The shirt is made from a beautiful thick cotton fabric with navy/white stripes, which are not too thick or too thin, just the perfect size. I ordered my normal size (XS) and the fit is great. It’s meant to be a bit loose and it looks awesome when tucked into your pants. You can wear it on its own or layer it up with a blazer or a cardigan. It can be endlessly mixed and matched.

IMG_7452 copy

IMG_7428 copy

Along with the shirt you get three super nice and funny patches: fries, lipstick and heart which couldn’t describe my life better 🙂 You can attach your patches nearly everywhere and make your outfits original and funny. If you have an eye for details, I guarantee you will love these.

This beautiful shirt arrived in a light pink dotted package, super cute and if you ask me, it’s showing attention to the last detail. The shirt costs €39.95 and you can order it here. You can also check the website to get inspired and find more ways to combine it.

IMG_7463 copy

You can never have enough stripes in your closet, right?



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