Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

Hello, girls! The summer is approaching and we obviously need something to prevent makeup meltdowns. I think I’ve found the perfect product. Curious? Read on.

The All Nighter setting spray from Urban Decay is supposed to keep your makeup in place up to 16 hours long, without melting down or settling into fine lines. And it really does so!

IMG_7217 copy

It is very simple, just apply the product after you have finished your makeup. Hold the bottle about 30-50 cm away and spray the face 2-3 times. The spray is lightweight and falls like an airy mist giving an instantly refreshing feeling to your skin. It dries quite quickly, leaving your skin with a healthy glow, which stays on the whole day (or night) long. I’m really quite impressed.

The All Nighter spray is oil free and paraben free, which is great. But not so great is that it contains a high amount of alcohol (second ingredient after the water) and that is the reason why it dries so quickly. One would expect that the alcohol will be a host for potential skin problems, but contrary to the expectations my skin didn’t mind it 🙂 Additionally, this setting spray isn’t fragrance free as one would expect for this kind of products, but the fragrance isn’t strong, fades away immediately and you don’t smell it when it’s on your skin.

IMG_7222 copy

The spray comes in a white plastic bottle with purple details easily recognisable as an Urban Decay product 😉 , but I think recently it got an make over, so now it’s in a black bottle.  It costs € 27.50 (118 ml of product), a bit on the pricey side. I have had it for couple of months and I still have a lot left, but I use it only when I know I need to wear my makeup longer.

I would definitely recommend this product, it does a great job prolonging makeup wear and giving your skin a natural healthy glow.

Have you used a product like this? What’s your opinion?



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