Outfit: Style Butler Delia Jacket

Hello, nice people! The spring is finally here, a time to dig out our bright coloured clothes, short sleeves and nice dresses. Despite that there are more sunny days now, it can unexpectedly become chilly. So, here is my solution for those chilly spring days, a cute feather jacket from Style Butler. 🙂


This feather Delia jacket from Style Butler is made from Marabou feather and it’s soooo soft and fluffy, I ❤ it. It has a round neckline and hook fastening, the lining inside is from satin, nicely finished with stiff lace. The jacket is available in many colours: light pink, burgundy/wine, olive green, turquoise, black, navy blue.



As a pink lover, I really wanted to get the light pink one, but it was nowhere to be found. In general, the jacket was not easy to get, because it was sold out almost everywhere. I finally spotted my size in navy blue on the website of Butik Hint and without a minute of doubt ordered it. This super cute jacket is my favourite at the moment and I use every “chill 😉 ” opportunity to wear it. I’m absolutely obsessed with it. ❤ It can make a simple outfit look edgy and sophisticated.


What do you think about it?

xx Love,


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