Hello, World!

Welcome to my blog, nice people!

My name is Tanya, scientist and fashion & beauty lover. I was raised in Bulgaria, but came to the Netherlands following The Love ❤ . Last year I finished my PhD related to plant development and I currently work as scientist at the Laboratory of Biochemistry at Wageningen University.

I have always been passionate about two things that do not usually get along: science and fashion, but they are both very important parts of my world. I love talking about both (I love talking in general 🙂 and I do so a lot), and at work I have awesome colleagues with whom I discuss science, but what I really miss is someone to talk to about my other sparking love: fashion and beauty.


Starting a blog is for me a way to find people out there who share the same passion for beauty and fashion. This will also be a virtual Station for sharing lifestyle and travel moments, a little distraction from my daily lab work… So, let’s meet here at the GlamSearcher Station to discuss the newest trends and glam styles, search for the “the best deal” and the top beauty products or just discover the science behind beauty 🙂 .

It would be amazing if I can inspire you!

xx Love,



4 thoughts on “Hello, World!

  1. Daniela

    Много те обичам! Знам , че ще ми бъдеш много полезна тук и ще науча още много неща! Успех!

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  2. Vanya

    Успех..миличка 😊…!!! С теб сме и ще те подкрепяме..Нашето женскоо местенце…БЛАГОДАРИМ ТИ…❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

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